Meeting & Conference Room

Daily huddles and important discussions are part of any growing business. At Doxa Business center we have a couple of conference rooms conveniently located. As a start up, a lot of brainstorming and important decisions and interviewing potential employees could happen in this place. The meeting and conference rooms are elegantly designed with the right furniture and facilities. The meeting rooms are also provided with presentation boards, high speed internet and facility for using Audio-visual equipment.

Our costs are probably the lowest in the industry and starts from Rs. 900/-


Conference hall for rent

Both the conference hall as well as the meeting room are available for short period of renting for people who are not inmates of Doxa Business Centre. One of our conference rooms could be used as a video conference studio which is facilitated with high-speed internet. People who rent conference room also gain access to the multi-level parking lot. Conference room renters could make use of the pantry and coffee bar. If you want to rent our meeting room, it is advised to book the hall at least 5 days before the meet-up. However, for quick instant meet-ups give us a call and we shall provide based on availability.

Meeting rooms

There are two such halls present in Doxa. One is a smaller meeting room that could quite comfortably accommodate more than 6 people. The conference hall is slightly bigger compared to the meeting room and could easily accommodate 10 people. This conference hall is also rented out separately for meetups and conferences.

Usage policy 

Depending on the type of service you have availed at Doxa, you will be provided with time credits for using the conference or meeting room. Take a look at the rate card and call us now for more information.