Low-cost Virtual Office Plans

Are you looking for cost effective and complete Virtual Office solution in Chennai or Hyderabad?

What will you Get?

Our flexible Virtual Office plans come with the following services and features.  

Prominent Business Address

You get to choose a business address location from any of our business centres in the City. You can use this address for all official purposes.

Phone and Mail Handling

You will get a dedicated landline number along with professional call answering service. We also collects snail mails and couriers for you.

Private office access

With our Virtual executive plan, you will also get access to 3 days of private office on-demand each month. As a priviledged member of Doxa you can also access other amenities like Meeting rooms, & Conference halls for cheaper rate compared to non-members.


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Can I use this address for my company registration?

Irrespective of your virtual office plans you choose, you can use you business address at Doxa for any official use including registration of your company.

Can I avail this service even if I'm an Individual?

Our virtual office service is also available to individuals and freelancers who would like to have a professional mailing address.

How are letters & couriers handled?

All the packages, letters and couriers that are sent to your business address will be received and securely kept in lockers. You can drop-by during office hours and collect them from the front-desk.

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

You can unsubscribe from your Virtual Office plan whenever you want. You even have the option to switch your business address to a different centre or city if you wish to do so.

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